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About Start w/Simple

Helping others learn how to design has always been a goal for me — so much so that many friends have asked me for templates that they could use when creating content. In an effort to make their lives (and mine) a bit easier, I created Start w/Simple — a minimalistic collection of templates for resumes, cover letters, business cards, and slide decks. The project is still in motion right now, but the end goal is to create templates that put design in reach of those who appreciate and want to learn the practice.


I created a new take on a traditional origami pattern. Using post-it notes, Adobe Illustrator, and a bit of trial and error, I formed a pattern that guided my re-creation of The Great Wave off Kanagawa. While the piece came out great, I found the pattern to be the real success of the project. Now I’m building out an open-source platform to empower anyone to create art.

About the Wave


The Design Database

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About the Design Database

After slowly cultivating an google spreadsheet of great resources for designers, I hit a point of too many entries. Thus, I decided to explore Javascript, CSS, and HTML in order to build a simple search engine that would save users from a hectic, cluttered spreadsheet. The design database was a step in the right direction of increasing design resource accessibility. It’s helped to connect many friends, students, and new designers to the best (free) tools on the internet. Now I’m publishing the search engine, sharing the link, and continuing to keep the resources up to date.


Teaching my Class

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I’ve spent a good amount of my life teaching, but for the first time in my life I was given the opportunity to be a teacher. Prompted by my struggles in learning design principles, I put together a course designed to establish design principles, display different design disciplines, and give students the opportunity to design for clients. Along the way, I learned that giving students the first step can push them to dive deep and learn their own ways. Now I’m using my experience to build simple resources to empower the designer in anyone.

About my Class



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